Television and Video



We offer custom installation services for all your home television and video needs. We're an official dealer and installer of Media Decor products that can greatly change the look of your room. Instead of having a large, dark, and bulky television set be the center of attention in your room, wouldn't you rather have a unique and beautiful piece of art; We can make that happen. Hide your television behind beautiful art when your not using it, and have it come out in seconds when you need it. We also offer swing mounts, so you can easily position your television exactly how you like at a moments notice.

When we say professional installation we mean it. Don't spend thousands on a new television only to have it incorrectly installed, and potentially damaged. Many of our clients hate having wires showing, and we happily oblige when they ask us to make them disappear. Television are normally focal points of a room, but should never dominate the view; take control and only bring out your television when you want it to be seen.

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